SPring Project

By on June 16, 2016

The cheerful, modern and sophisticated spirit of this city apartment is implicit even in its name – “The SPring Project” that is given to it by its creators All In Studio, and like a blossoming spring the premises offer fresh combinations of colors, an abundance of light and a free flow of space. The whiteness of the architectural shell reflects and multiplanes the natural light and the chirps, bold colors of the tailor-made furniture. This composition is harmoniously supplemented by the gorgeous oak parqueted that stretches out throughout the apartment bringing warmth and ease and by the decisive black framing and details accentuating the interior.


Smart design details throughout the apartment – like the cozy reading niche in one of the bedrooms, or the extension of the white wainscoting from the corridor to the living room (creating in this way continuity of the premises and bringing an aristocratic touch into the composition), or the stylish lighting choices and designers’ lamps creations in all the spaces of the apartment – all these and many more thoughtful details compose the apartments unique and intriguing character.


The back walls of the living room premise and in the kitchen zone are very stylish and trendy features that add strong, decisive character to the decor composition. Actually, the black thread that goes throughout the apartment creates a stylish repetition of an expression that is bout modern and timeless. In the walls, in the furniture, in the small decorative elements and probably the most memorable one – in the minimalist TV wall adorned by walnut wood panels- black is the thread that binds the premises together.


The material palate is sophisticated and luxurious (marble, oak, cotton and black metal) and together with the modern furniture choices and unusual shapes of design brings the uniqueness of the composition. This design project intriguingly combines luxury and playful spirit, natural materials and modern technologies, so we offer you to explore it carefully and discover its hidden aspects and details.







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