Six foods that keep you young

By on June 15, 2016

Most of the time, when it comes to eating youth-boosting foods, we’re talking about what to avoid: steer clear of alcohol (too dehydrating), reduce your sugar intake (could damage your collagen levels), use a little less salt (high sodium levels can lead to water retention and “puffiness”).

But a much more fun (and delicious) way to sip from the fountain of youth is to actually nibble on a couple of nutrient-packed, antioxidant-heavy foods to keep your skin smooth and your brain buzzing.

Avocado: Are you surprised, really? Everyone’s favourite fruit does more than just taste incredible smashed on toast with a poached egg; an excellent source of vitamin E, which does a fantastic job of preventing damage to collagen, avocadoes make for better skin and a happier, healthier heart and eyesight, too.

Brazil nuts: A fresh-faced complexion has a lot to do with skin elasticity, and Brazil nuts are chock-full of a mineral called selenium, which can help to improve just that. As a bonus, selenium can actually reduce your risk of skin cancer while preventing premature aging; grab a 30 g handful each day for a healthy hit.

Red grapes: Resveratrol is a super antioxidant, which, research suggests, helps to activate a protein that has been linked to health and longevity. It’s also believed to aid weight loss, by converting “white fat” into “beige fat” – which, we’re just saying, may mean that a glass of wine a night could help you lose weight.

Salmon: Just like avocado, there doesn’t seem to be anything salmon can’t do, mainly thanks to essential fatty acids called omega-3s. These nifty little health bombs improve the skin’s flexibility and protects against wear and tear; a lack of healthy fats like omega-3s can result in dry skin and wrinkles. So eat up!

Blueberries: On the topic of memory, blueberries have been shown to provide a “notable improvement in cognitive performance and brain function” – and can even reverse prematurely greying hair.

Watermelon: Firstly, watermelon is, obviously, rich in water, and keeping a healthy, hydrated body is key to helping you stay young. Secondly? Yet another antioxidant, this one called lycopene, has strong anti-aging properties that can help to ward off heart disease and cancer.

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